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Welcome to the Mediterranean Towers.

Come and discover what turns living at the Mediterranean Towers into different class of living. The chain owns seven active retirement communities, which offer various styles of attractive, luxury apartments that provide a residential experience and a broad spectrum of services

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Living here is interesting

Workshops and Classes

All the hobbies and creative endeavors you are interested now have a place in our complexes, but we think that any time is a good time to develop a new hobby, one that you might have never even thought would interest you or you didn’t know existed.

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Contemporary and Classical Culture

The wonderful duality between creating interest, curiosity and enjoyment in the discovery of new cultural worlds, alongside the pleasant feeling arising from the classical, familiar and always-relevant culture

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Family Ties

We at the Mediterranean Towers see the residents and their extended family as one big community, and make a point of putting together an interesting and diverse cultural program for them too

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Health and Fitness

Physical activity increases the range of movement, improves balance, increases blood flow, generates more energy, improves vitality and in short – contributes to both physical and mental health

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We hold an assortment of various lectures in diverse fields of knowledge such as music, art, world travel, current affairs, history, bible and more at our complexes

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The Digital Age

The Digital revolution has been here for quite a while. It is stronger than us and cannot be ignored. On the contrary, one should throw caution to the wind, climb aboard and learn how to use it to get more cultural enrichment that will fill one’s life with interest

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The Israel National Trail

Although it is true that our complexes are luxurious, fully accessorized and comfortable, there is so much going on outside that we could not possibly bring home to the complexes

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Dear Students, the information revolution, social media and available means of communication open new horizon of knowledge and experiences to us all. This development has not skipped over the senior citizens and has caused us, The Mediterranean Towers Chain, to choose the concept of “Living here is interesting” as the blue print for our content and communications

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דיור מוגן ברשת מגדלי הים התיכון

Welcome to The Mediterranean Towers chain

The Mediterranean Towers chain has been the leading and most innovative chain in the field of retirement communities in Israel for the past thirty years. The chain's retirement community complexes in Norida, Kfar Saba, Ramat Hasharon, Savyon, Bat Yam, Jerusalem and in the near future, in Ganei Tikva too, serve as a real home and community to our 1,500 residents. Our complexes offer a variety of housing options, copious activities and services, a unique cultural perception and of course, a trained professional team, which over time, will feel like family to you.

The complex at Bat Yam
First time visitors to the Bat Yam complex stop in astonishment as they take in the breathtaking sea view from the promenade perched on the coastal cliff. The two, twelve story towers overlook the great open expanses of the sea making it seem as if the sea and the towers are one in spirit. You couldn’t have chosen a better time to visit the Bat Yam complex. The first of the chain’s retirement community complexes and the eponym of the entire chain, has 300 sea-facing apartments, is newly renovated and looks brand new. Over the past few years, tourist in Bat Yam, and even more so the residents of the complex, have benefited from the cultural and economic change Bat Yam and the adjacent areas, all the way to the picturesque, and newly revived Jaffa Port, have undergone. Take a pastoral walk along the promenade and you will discover that not only the sea in all its glory is spread out at your feet, rather all of Bat Yam and the outlying area’s recreational, shopping and cultural destinations. The more adventurous among you will be able to use the available public transport lines including the light rail in the future, to explore farther and more interesting destinations. There is No doubt you’ll find living at the Bat Yam Complex interesting.
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The complex at Ganei Tikva
The Ganei Tikva retirement community complex is the newest, most innovative and modern of the retirement communities owned by The Mediterranean Towers and in Israel in General. In fact, one could say that it is the only retirement community complex in Israel designed especially for the lifestyle of the “next generation” of senior citizens. Professionals, seeking to continue their independent lives at the same level of quality and interest, and at the same pace they are used to. The interior architect Gad Halperin, who is highly experienced in designing boutique hotels in Israel and abroad, was entrusted with the building’s interior design, which gives one the feeling of a deep breath of fresh air. Respectively, each and every detail in the building was meticulously addressed in uncompromising pedantry, from the quality of the apartment door handles to the design of the swimming pool and internal park, from the wood cladding in the lobby to the building façade. The objective was to create the kind of existence and experience one could only referred to as a dream. All this beauty serves as a fitting casing for the rich cultural program, which combines beloved, classical content with contemporary content. Go out for a morning or evening walk in the idyllic surroundings of the complex and let the rural atmosphere take effect on your body and mind. On the other hand, you are only a short drive away from all the main cultural, sports, recreational and shopping centers. Take route 471 and you’ll be right in the heart of things. There’s no doubt you find living in the Ganei Tikva retirement community complex interesting.
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The complex at Jerusalem
People visiting the Jerusalem complex for the first time are captivated by the majestic charm of the architectural piece of art, which expresses Jerusalem’s thousand year old synergy between past and present. This inspiring Jerusalem combination, between tolerance and spiritual elation, is the destination of many from Israel and from all over the world. Upon entering the building, you will find that the spiritual elation you experienced outside has accompanied you in and is flowing through the building and visible in the expressions of its residents and professional staff. The Jerusalem complex has 116 apartments. The spacious apartments were designed with a classical and elegant look creating a relaxed and serene atmosphere. The sound of the piano from the building’s lobby serves as an elegant backdrop for a short break in one of the seating areas, or an eloquent, casual conversation about current affairs and other quintessential issues. You will be able to enjoy a morning swim in the hamam-inspired pool, and the in-house restaurant, which serves dishes from the classical and revamped Jerusalem cuisine. Every corner of your apartment and every corner of the entire complex, from the small Jerusalemite synagogue to the art gallery, the library and the adapted, custom gym, will make you feel as if you have always been here. On your way to a walk through the alleys of the city, you will pass though the longstanding neighborhood of Arnona, one of the loftiest in Jerusalem, not only due to its geographical location, rather also due to the intellectuality tucked away between its buildings, such as that of S. Y. Agnon. There is no doubt you’ll find living in the Jerusalem Complex interesting.
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The complex at Kfar Saba
First time visitors to the Kfar Saba Complex have to look every which way to find the building. Only on second glance does the residential complex, tucked away among the trees, with its red-tiled roofs and goldfish ponds at the entrance, become apparent. Small smiles of wonder entwined with healthy curiosity light the faces of anyone setting foot on the premises. That smile will stay with you as you enter the complex. The same magic you experienced outside will welcome you as you enter the complex and accompany you throughout your visit in this unique retirement community. You are invited to start a new chapter in the recently-renovated, good-as-new Kfar Saba complex. The complex boasts 293 meticulously designed apartments situated in a private, intimate residential park, surrounding extensive and well-kept gardens. Much can be said about this complex and its many advantages, from the elegantly and prestigiously designed apartments, to the ‘Health at the Towers’ health center, the large, indoor swimming pool, the in-house restaurant, the computer and digital world study center, the ample library and the custom designed gym. But the residents’ smiles of calm content and the calm and content ambience say it all. You are welcome to delve deeper find out why. If you do not live in Kfar Saba, we will tell you that this complex enjoys the best of all worlds. Being designed as a private residential community surrounding a manicured garden instills a homey feeling on one hand, and on the other, the complex’s close proximity to major traffic arteries and to Kfar Saba and the adjacent cities’ recreational, cultural and business centers allows you to remain right at the center of things at all times.
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The complex at Nordeya
When you open the front door to your apartment at the Nordia Complex, whether it is a two or three room apartment, or a garden apartment, you will feel at home!
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The complex at Ramat Hasharon
Adjacent to the Ramat Hasharon complex is a well-kept park, scattered with old eucalyptus trees, ornamental plants and fish ponds, which is perfect for fitness and recreational activities and for playing with the grandchildren. The natural serene atmosphere in the park is a perfect excuse for relaxing on a bench. The unique design of the complex, which overlooks the park, complements the surrounding quaint, rural atmosphere. When you walk into the complex, you will find that the charming “Ramat Sharonian” atmosphere has invaded the complex and resonates from the faces of the residents and professional staff. The Ramat Hasharon complex is a boutique-style retirement community tucked away among green, flowering gardens, with 190 modern, intimate and luxuriously designed apartments. The Ramat Hasharon complex has recently been renovated and looks brand new. As you enter, you will find yourself in a welcoming lobby, adjacent to an elegant café where you can take a break or partake in casual conversation. Visit the ample library, the illuminated swimming pool and adjacent gym and walk out into the well-kept patio garden surrounded by lush greenery, which serves as a place of rest for swimmers as well as a social gathering spot for the residents.
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The complex at Savyon
The creatively designed complex, located at the Savyon intersection alongside a small, adjacent park, smiles and winks amicably, inviting you in and making you feel at home. Upon entering, you will find that the positive creativity seems to have followed you in and is now glimmering throughout the complex and on the expressions of the professional staff and complex residents. The Complex at the Savion intersection is an intimate, boutique retirement community with 134 apartments d,esigned in a classic, elegantly inviting style. Sometimes, at least so we’ve been told by guests and residents, it seems as if the entire lifestyle at the complex, including the apartments, the impressive lobby, the seating areas, the café, the in-house restaurant and of course the swimming pool and gyms, set the stage for a cultural, social and primarily a family oriented lifestyle. And indeed, along with the charming building, you will also find a warm, family atmosphere, in which everybody knows everybody else including their children and grandchildren. The little ones find great treasures in the unique jamboree set up especially for them, to make their visits here interesting too. The adjacent park also tells an interesting story. The trees, which look like the trees in any other park, were planted with love by our community residents many years ago, and symbolize the involvement of all the residents’ in shaping the social life.
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