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Welcome to the Mediterranean Towers.

Come and discover what turns living at the Mediterranean Towers into different class of living. The chain owns seven active retirement communities, which offer various styles of attractive, luxury apartments that provide a residential experience and a broad spectrum of services

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The Mediterranean Towers is the leading, largest chain in the field of retirement communities in Israel. The chain currently operates and manages approximately 1330 residential units in retirement community complexes in Bat Yam, Kfar Saba, Nordia, Savyon Ramat Hasharon and Jerusalem and Ganei Tikva. The chain is operating and managing 1,650 residential units. Almost three decades of experience and excellence combined with excellent service, personal attention and commitment to an interesting life have made the Mediterranean Towers the leading, most prestigious and high quality chain in the field of retirement communities. The Mediterranean Towers chain is a public company traded on the stock exchange.


You were always like this: all about experiences and color, curiosity and the joy of discovery, learning and fascinating journeys. You have always given yourself over to the elation of learning something new, listening to the sounds of faraway places and lively conversations with enriching interlocutors. You were always in the center, a captivating focal point of interest and knowledge. Some things never change.

Even now, in your golden years, it is obvious to you that you need more than a luxurious living environment of the highest standards; you also need an in depth, fascinating and enriching intellectual experience; an experience becoming the unique DNA you were blessed with, the constant search for the next big thing in a dynamic, surprising world, which just like you – reinvents itself time and time again.

Like you, we, at the Mediterranean Towers, realized that interesting is not the opposite of boring. Staying occupied to pass the time is not enough. You have a unique need – we understand that the flame of intellectual curiosity never dies, and are proud to offer you a combined solution, which is just right for people like you. A solution perfectly combining body and mind. Luxury and intellectual stimulation.

At The Mediterranean Towers you will find a retirement community with the highest residential standards, alongside copious, diverse and compelling cultural and content activities.

Living here is interesting thanks to our ability to combine the classic and familiar culture with the dynamic and the contemporary.

Living here is interesting thanks to our ability to tailor fit our program to each resident’s preferences and schedule.

Living here is interesting thanks to the Campus, which provides an extra-academic learning experience with the best lecturers in the country.

Living here is interesting thanks to the multidisciplinary art center available to the artists, thanks to activities aimed at strengthening the intergenerational connection and thanks to the involvement in the community life surrounding the complex.

Living here is interesting thanks to the ability to learn and enjoy the benefits of the new, fast digital world.

The Mediterranean Towers. Living here is interesting.

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