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Welcome to the Mediterranean Towers.

Come and discover what turns living at the Mediterranean Towers into different class of living. The chain owns seven active retirement communities, which offer various styles of attractive, luxury apartments that provide a residential experience and a broad spectrum of services

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Health and Fitness

Physical activity increases the range of movement, improves balance, increases blood flow, generates more energy, improves vitality and in short – contributes to both physical and mental health. The gym and the swimming pool, the exercise studio, hot-tub and spa facilities are a focal point for the numerous residence who take an active part in the various activities held at the facilities throughout the entire week, under the guidance of an experienced, skilled and responsible staff, who put together personal, tailor-fit training programs for each participant.

Fitness Time

Maintain a healthy lifestyle and a balanced diet. The abundance of physical activities, combined with the sophisticated equipment at the state of the art gym and the experienced instructors, makes Fitness time a positive experience.

Personal training

Our fitness clubs are manned by a highly experienced team. All the instructors and trainers at the Mediterranean Towers have undergone the most advanced training courses and are available to the residents on any matter, whether as personal, field or studio trainers.

The gyms are equipped with the most advanced and professional gym equipment in the world, manufactured by Life Fitness, Hammer, Strive, Strength and Keiser. The gym staff conducts dozens of professional programs aimed at improving the participants’ accomplishments in all areas: lifestyle changes, weight loss, strength building, as well as activities for populations with hypertension and weight gain issues.

The experienced fitness instructors and skilled nutritionist tailor fit fitness programs for the residents and accompany them in achieving their goals and in maintaining them.

Bone-Building Exercises

A combination of exercises that help to maintain the density of minerals in the bones and which reduce the risk of bone thinning (osteoporosis). Perseverance in the classes will result in increased vitality and alertness, boost bone mass and improve joint flexibility.


A combination of exercises that activate the stabilizing muscles and train the body to recruit the correct muscles for every movement. As a rule, the aim of this method is to allow a wider range of movement in the joints and along the spine, thus aid in preventing pressure created on the vertebrae and joints by inefficient movement.

Activity in Motion

Exercises designed to develop physical flexibility and mobility. The class is mostly conducted while sitting in chairs.

Yoga Workshop

The workshop participants will undergo a physical, mental and spiritual journey aimed at quieting fluctuations in consciousness. In the workshop, the participants will receive tools and practice coping with day to day challenges, and attain a balanced body and mind, awareness and self-recognition.

Qigong workshop

A combination of energy exercises, which cause the flow of the body’s internal energy and balance and energize it. The exercises include movement patterns with an extensive variety of single movements and self-massage.  Practicing Qigong improves posture and strengthens the stabilizing muscles.

Water Exercises

The water’s buoyancy feature, unique to this activity, allows carrying the body and exercising pain free in a wide range of movement. The advantages of this method are among others: strengthening the muscles, increasing the joints’ range of movement, increasing cardio vascular function, improving balance, agility and flexibility, reducing the cholesterol level, increasing the metabolic rate and improving blood flow.

Feldenkrais Workshop

A longstanding method developed by Moshe Feldenkrais in the sixties and one of the most popular methods till this very day. A combination of diverse and maximal movements with minimum effort, perfect for anyone wishing to improve their physical and mental function.

Nordic Walking Workshop

Nordic walking is a total body exercise combining cross-country skiing with walking and fitness.  Using the poles with every step releases pressure and tension from the shoulders, develops the upper body in addition to the legs, contributes to strengthening the muscles and causes a general feeling of wellbeing.

Chain-Wide Sports Activities

Maintaining and nurturing a healthy lifestyle is considered of highest importance by the Mediterranean Tower chain, and therefore, chain holds chain-wide sporting events. Leading up to the event, the residents train and make extensive use of the fitness facilities – because the all want to win the coveted title…after all, they have already proven that age is just a number.

Walking for Fun

The fast walking race is held once a year, at the green park adjacent to the Ramat Sharon complex. The residents of all the chain’s retirement community complexes participate in the race, as do additional senior citizens from Ramat Hasharon.

Bridge Tournament

A multi participant tournament for the chain’s residents and bridge lovers from all over the country.

The Towers’ Championship

Athletic competitions in variety of sports held once a quarter and hosted by one of the chain’s complexes.

The Gold Championship

The largest, senior citizens sporting event in the country, which has become a tradition and is held once every two years in the format of the Olympic Games.

The event includes competitions in a variety of sports including running, swimming, table tennis, weight lifting, shot put and long jump. The highlight of the event is a special race, which expresses the chain’s values more than any other – inclusion, family and “togetherness”: a multigenerational triathlon – grandfather walking, son – running, grandson – cycling.

Alongside the sports competitions, there is also an abundance of leisure activities: lectures on maintaining a healthy lifestyle, folk dancing, yoga, tai-chi and more.

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