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Welcome to the Mediterranean Towers.

Come and discover what turns living at the Mediterranean Towers into different class of living. The chain owns seven active retirement communities, which offer various styles of attractive, luxury apartments that provide a residential experience and a broad spectrum of services

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The Campus at the Towers: Registration Rules and Procedures

Registration Rules:

1.1. Courses shall only commence with a minimum amount of registrants. In the event of an insufficient number of registrants, or should the course fail to open for any other reason, the registrants shall be fully refunded.

2.2 Notice regarding the course start date and details regarding the lecture hall, shall be delivered to the registrants by mail prior to the start of the course.

3.3 The company reserves the right to implement modifications in the course formats, to change and/or to add a lecturer.

4.4 No refund shall be provided for failure to attend the lectures.

5.5 In special cases, an alternative lecture shall be provided, from other lectures taking place during the semester the participant is registered for, subject to vacancies in the complex or in any of the chain’s complexes.

Registration cancelation procedures:

1.1 Registration cancelation requests shall be submitted in writing to the Culture and Leisure Department

2.2 The minimum amount deducted prior to the start of the course shall be the registration and handling fee totaling 10% of the cost of the course.

3.3 Cancelation after one meeting – the handling fee and relative value of one meeting shall be deducted from the refund.

4.4 Cancelation after two meetings – the handling fee and relative value of two meeting shall be deducted from the refund.

5.5 No refund will be provided upon cancelation after three meetings.

6.6 Exceptional cases of cancelation requests due to unforeseen constraints shall be examined on their own merits.

7.7. Going to single lectures shall be allow, subject to payment of the full pricelist and subject to vacancies.


One course – ILS 400

Two courses – ILS 700 (ILS 350 per course)

Three course – ILS 1,080 (ILS 360 per course)

Price of single lecture – ILS 90

Lecture duration – 90 minutes

Participants registering as a couple shall benefit the two course price (and not a single course of each of them)

Bring your friends – residents registering an external guest will enjoy the two course price (instead of single course of each of them)

For the Catalogue of courses, dates, syllabus, and Registration rules for all the courses opening this semester >>

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