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Welcome to the Mediterranean Towers.

Come and discover what turns living at the Mediterranean Towers into different class of living. The chain owns seven active retirement communities, which offer various styles of attractive, luxury apartments that provide a residential experience and a broad spectrum of services

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Contemporary and Classical Culture

The wonderful duality between creating interest, curiosity and enjoyment in the discovery of new cultural worlds, alongside the pleasant feeling arising from the classical, familiar and always-relevant culture. A wide variety of cultural worlds that combine the beloved classical culture with the contemporary and modern in dozens of performances and activities, at the complex and elsewhere.

See the World

A musical journey to the most beautiful cities on earth. A series of performances by the best musical ensembles transport the residents to the most beautiful cities in the world through lectures, authentic photographs and virtual excursions.

Paris – France:

Musical performance: Anthem of love

The chanson singer, Brigitte Habib and her ensemble,   presents the great chansons of Paris in French and in Hebrew. Edith Piaf, Jacques Brel, Yves Montand, Barbara, Charles Aznavour, Georges Brassens and others.

 Audio Visual Performance/ Lecture: Paris “Autumn Leaves”

A journey to Paris through people and places. A evening that will lead you through Yve Montand’s life from the moment he arrives in Paris until his big breakthrough to fame along with Edith Piaf, the Sparrow of Paris. Yoel Shtrug, journalist, geographic researcher and photographer, invites you on a fascinating tour of unknown Paris.

Dublin – Ireland:

Musical Performance: the Irish Charm

An exciting journey to Irish folk music – the songs, the ballads and the catchy tunes, including traditional Irish musical Instruments.

Audio Visual Performance/ Lecture: In the Footsteps of Guliver’s Travels.

Legends and fairies intertwined with historical facts, a journey to Ireland’s fascinating landscapes, and its history of painful struggles, Irish pubs and the unique Irish music, the inlets, the rivers and the rolling green hills of Ireland. The lecture incorporates stories, photographs and original Irish music. Yoel Shtrug, journalist, geographic researcher and photographer.

Tel Aviv/ Jerusalem – Israel:

A performance of Hebrew songs in honor of Independence Day.

The songs we love to love, which connect us to our young country and symbolize the progress it has made, its character and its own personal folklore.

 San Francisco – United States:

 Musical Performance: Green Fields

The soundtrack of the days of innocence of the 50’s and 60’s in the United States; a journey of songs to the dreams of youth, love and longing through the songs of the Brothers Four, Peter Paul and Mary, the Kingston Trio, Peter Singer and many others.

 Lecture: North America’s Natural Wonders

Harel Stanton, lecturer and geographic photographer.

Barcelona – Spain:

Musical Performance: Baldi Olier Playing Spain

The international guitarist in a virtuosic guitar performance of popular music from the Spanish classics.

Fascinating lecture about Spain.

London – Britain:                                                                                  

Musical performance: from London to Melbourne. A journey of English songs from England, through Ireland, Scotland and the United States all the way to Australia.

Audio visual performance/ lecture:  A journey to London in the Footsteps of the Beatles, Authors and Literary Works

To the milestones left by the Beatles and additional artists throughout the city, to the colorfulness, the markets and alleys, the the unique human landscape, the stories and the authors who created our childhood heroes. Yoel Shtrug, journalist, geographic researcher and photographer.

A Thousand and One Songs

A nostalgic journey in honor of the legendary composers and ensembles of Hebrew music, whose songs have become the soundtrack of Israel.

The Twosomes – Two are better than one

They entered the stage of Hebrew songs two by two, and gave us the best of Israeli music: the greatest hits of the Dudaim, the Parvarim, the Ofarim, Ilan and Ilanit and others.

The threesomes

The greatest hits of the threesomes of Hebrew songs: the Gesher Hayarkon Trio, The High Windows, The Gashashim, The Twins, The Good the Bad and the Girl, Chocolate, Menta, Mastik.

The Army Bands – Songs in Uniform

All-time favorite Army band songs.

Arik Songs – Arik Einstein and Arik Lavie

Einstein was an Israeli singer, songwriter, screenwriter and actor; he was a member in the Nahal band, Batzal Yarok, Gesher Hayarkon Trio, the High Windows and Lool. Lavie was a beloved and highly esteemed Israeli singer and actor. The featured songs include: Me and You, Go slow, I See You on the Way to the Gymansium, I Will Sing a Song to you, All the Rivers and more

A Special Performance of Effi Netzer Songs

Effi Netzer is an Israeli composer and one of the founders of singalongs in Israel. Among the featured songs: The Hermon, My Golani, Shalom Al Israel, If You Return, Flowers in the Barrel, Someone is Always With Me, A Ballad for the Paramedic and more.

Bands – from the Tarnegolim to Caveret

All-time favorite songs from the bands of yesteryear, milestones in Israeli music. Featured bands; Hacol Over Habibi, Caveret, Hatarnegolim, Batzal Yarok, the Brothers and the Sisters, and others.

Chain-wide events

One of our strong suits as a culture-loving chain is, without a doubt, our chain-wide events. The events, in which residents from all complexes participate, are held adjacent to the Jewish Holidays or are centered on certain subjects and are focal point and well enjoyed activity.

Dancing in White

A folk dance meet at the Nordia complex held every Shavuot. Once a year, At Shavuot, all the dance lovers get together on the great lawn at the Nordia Complex and celebrate the holiday with folk-dancing circles. The Shavuot get-together has become a long time tradition at the Mediterranean Towers: everybody wears the traditional white, and enjoys the delicious refreshments, a dance troupe performance and mostly, the special and festive atmosphere of “togetherness”.

  The Sound of the Choir 

Hanukkah at the Bat Yam Complex

The sound of the choir – the song of many, has always had a special power and aura. All the complexes have resident choirs, which meet on a weekly basis to sing together and to learn new songs.

Our Annual choir meet takes place every Hanukkah at the Bat Yam complex, and is a highlight that attracts numerous residents who come to enjoy the power of the choirs’ sound as they sing songs from their repertoire together and separately.

Singing at the Towers

The high holidays’ event at the Kfar Saba complex.

The high holidays are marked at the Mediterranean Towers by a special, festive event held on the Kfar Saba complex lawn. Every year, a unique musical ensemble, incorporating both instrumental musicians and singers, takes part in the event. This is an opportunity to meet friends from other complexes, to wish them a good year, to enjoy the excellent music and of course, make a toast to a good, sweet, new year with a glass of wine and some apple and honey.

Master class

The leading artists – in your very own home. An opportunity to participate in an intimate meeting with the leading Israeli artists.

Shimon Parnas

Between Jaffa and Piraeus – colorful stories about Greece and Grecian culture. The talk is accompanied by selected DVD segments with the best Israeli and Greek singers, from Aris San and Yehuda Poliker to Dalaras, Haris, Alexiou and Glikeriya in live and compelling performances.

Mati Seri

Mati Seri brings beloved and well known cultural heroes such as Yossi Banai, Zorhar Argov and Sasha Argov to the table. The performance is an integration of short, amusing and touching stories and a variety of songs.

Galit Giat

A very personal and very musical meeting with singer-actress Galit Giat.

Tablao Flamenco

An original and authentic flamenco performance accompanied by short stories about the origins of flamenco. With the dancer and choreographer Sharon Sagi, accompanied by the musician Yehuda shuki shviki.

Moshe Becker

An intimate and musical get-together with the moving musician, theatre actor and singer, Moshe Becker

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