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Welcome to the Mediterranean Towers.

Come and discover what turns living at the Mediterranean Towers into different class of living. The chain owns seven active retirement communities, which offer various styles of attractive, luxury apartments that provide a residential experience and a broad spectrum of services

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We hold an assortment of various lectures in diverse fields of knowledge such as music, art, world travel, current affairs, history, bible and more at our complexes. We make a point of combining these classical fields of knowledge with more contemporary modern ones such as the TED format, inventions and innovations, advanced technologies, medicine, law and more. The lectures are given by the carefully selected, leading lecturers in the country.

Musical Moment

Guided listening to music and concerts: world music, Israeli music, the world of classical music, the in-house choir and more.

Current Affairs

Lectures on current affairs, government, politics and more. The Tower residents are knowledge seekers thirsting for updated information regarding events in Israel and around the world. They are ‘political animals’ with firm opinions. These lectures will allow them to remain current regarding matters on the public agenda, conduct heated debates and express their opinion. And do they have an opinion…

TED-Based Lectures

The TED concept is innovative and interesting (short, eighteen minute or less lectures on a variety of topics), which is why we decided to create an experience similar to the original format for our residents: innovative, fast-paced sessions, which in one hour, allow exposure to four different fields of knowledge and to cutting-edge new ideas on various subjects related to their content world. This is a unique program enabling residents to expand their fields of interest while exposing them to a unique, fast paced and contemporary experience.

This year, the TED experience heads off to fascinating worlds and will be conveyed by various means.

Together, using the TED online format, we will listen to gripping lectures about various subjects. The lectures will serve as a platform to develop and process significant topics of conversation. In addition, over the course of the year, we will invite various, additional lecturers to lay out their unique concepts for you.

Host: Ayelet Ginsburg, lecturer, certified group facilitator (by Bar Ilan University) and personal and business coach (graduate of the Israeli Coaching Federation) specializing in coping with changes and decision makes processes. Additional guest lecturers will take part in some of the sessions.

We are currently working on a unique workshop, in which the residents will learn the secrets of the short lecture from a leading lecturer in his field. In this workshop, the residents will put together their own lecture in their personal field of knowledge, and take it on tour around the Mediterranean Tower complexes.

Technology, Progress and Innovation

Lectures on the subject of science, biotechnology, the information age and more. Keeping the residents’ finger on the pulse and exposing them to everything happening around us: the world of tomorrow – futurology, the digital and computerized world, robotics, medical advances and so on.

Armchair Travel

You don’t always have to get up out of the armchair to travel and enjoy yourself. An entire cluster of lectures about traveling around the country and the world, accompanied by sounds and images, which generate discourse on cultural, ecological and political topics among others.

Judaism and Past Traditions

We’ve always been told that in order to know where to go, one needs to know where one comes from.  Offering a variety of compelling lectures ranging from bible studies to the history of the People of Israel, Judaism in the diaspora, various religious and traditional topics, Jewish holidays and more.

The Good Movie Club

A series of lectures and guided viewing of movies under the professional management of Yehuda Stav – Yediot Aharonot’s film critic and lecturer on the history of the art of cinema at Haifa University.

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