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Welcome to the Mediterranean Towers.

Come and discover what turns living at the Mediterranean Towers into different class of living. The chain owns seven active retirement communities, which offer various styles of attractive, luxury apartments that provide a residential experience and a broad spectrum of services

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The Campus at the Towers

“It is not knowledge, but the act of learning, not possession but the act of getting there, which grants the greatest enjoyment,” Carl Friedrich Gauss.

Dear Students, the information revolution, social media and available means of communication open new horizon of knowledge and experiences to us all. This development has not skipped over the senior citizens and has caused us, The Mediterranean Towers Chain, to choose the concept of “Living here is interesting” as the blue print for our content and communications. As part of this, alongside the existing and the familiar, we also offer new fields of interest, and exposure to contemporary content in extraordinary formats, such as the Campus at the Towers, for those interested in delving deeper and learning, in addition to the regular activities taking place at the chain’s complexes.

Over the past few months we conducted a comprehensive survey among all the complexes’ residents, in which the participants specified the subjects of most interest to them, and we held a series of Campus Tastings sessions, which brought together the participants and the best lecturers, who were carefully chosen in collaboration with the leading content house in Israel – Reut Kishrei Tarbut. These tastings gave the participants a chance to form an impression, experiment and decide which of the series to sign up for during the first semester of Campus 2017.

In this booklet, we are proud to present your selections, with the improvements implemented as a result of the feedback. Together, we have  we have put together the most attractive fields of interest, which provide you with an additional avenue to expand your horizons, charge your batteries, have fun and be exposed to a variety of magical, experiential and compelling subjects, alongside the rich cultural events that take place year round.

All of these series are conducted in intimate, meetings with the best lecturers, in small classes, which head out together on a magical, interesting journey.

Campus at the Towers is open first and foremost to residents of the Mediterranean Towers Retirement Community Chain, and to their friends and relatives, and shall be happy to welcome other curious senior citizens, with a thirst for knowledge, into its pool of subscribers.

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