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Welcome to the Mediterranean Towers.

Come and discover what turns living at the Mediterranean Towers into different class of living. The chain owns seven active retirement communities, which offer various styles of attractive, luxury apartments that provide a residential experience and a broad spectrum of services

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Workshops and Classes


All the hobbies and creative endeavors you are interested now have a place in our complexes, but we think that any time is a good time to develop a new hobby, one that you might have never even thought would interest you or you didn’t know existed. Along with  the familiar fields of interest such as ceramics and painting, you will discover, in our cultural plan, new and fascinating worlds such as photography, writing, video editing and more. Who knows where they will take you.

Art and creativity and the practice of creative arts develop the imagination, preserve motor skills and contribute to the quality of life. This is exactly why we are opening new and contemporary workshops such as art with recycled materials, jewelry making and more. The residents are invited to participate, experiment and rediscover forgotten skills. Enjoyment is guaranteed!

Visual Art -A Series of Workshops in Various Drawing and Painting Techniques

Still Life – 12 meetings

Try your hand at painting still life in acrylic. The workshop will be centered around work in a familial atmosphere as reflected in the work of the Italian painter Giorgio Morandi (1890-1964)

Landscapes – 12 meetings

Set sail to the French Artist, Paul Cezanne’s word of landscapes; we will study his techniques and go out into nature to try our hand.

Mask making – 12 meetings

Learn about the significance of masks in various cultures, create masks with papier mache and of course, paint and decorate them.

The Art of the Portrait – 12 meetings

A combination of lectures and independent work based on the work of famous painters from all times.

Wood Carving

A series of workshops in wood sculpting

Carving wooden figures16 meetings

Carving figures from wood. The selected figures will be connected to the period of time the country was founded. At the end of the project, around Independence day, an exhibition of the work produced in the workshop will be held in the complex lobby.

The Time Project – 16 meetings

Carving wooden pictures with a focus on the participants’ authentic childhood photographs.

The Van Gough Project – 16 meetings

A joint work in which each participant creates a wood relief carving based on a Van Gough painting. At the end of the process all the reliefs will be connected into one breathtaking group piece to be exhibited at the complex.

Jewelry Making and More

A series of jewelry and accessory design workshops.

Rings – 12 meetings

Ring beading techniques incorporating Rivolo stones and other gems.

Bracelet Workshop – 12 meetings

Learn a special technique involving the use of two needles to weave a bracelet set with colorful beads.

Keychains – 12 meetings

A three dimensional weaving technique used to create the figures of various animals for keychains.

Venetian beading – 12 meetings

The rich and colorful world of delicate beads. A delicate skill integrating imagination, coordination and the joy of making art.


A series of ceramics workshops

Mask Workshop – 8 meetings

Sculpting special masks for Purim out of paint and clay

Figures Workshop – 8 meetings

Techniques for sculpting figures out of clay for family day

Animal Workshop – 6 meetings

Sculpting animals  using your own imagination

Abstract Work – 16 meetings

A variety of clay relief techniques. Every participant will create a relief or tile and together, we will assemble a breathtaking group mosaic.

Paper Art

A series of Papier Mache Sculpting Workshops

The Secret of Magic

Various papier mache techniques for three dimensional sculpting using a variety of materials with an emphasis on ecological values.

Paper Relief – 8 meetings

Papier Mache techniques as a medium for creating a personal portrait

Paper Jewelry and Other Good Deeds – 8 meetings

Making Jewelry and accessories from paper, working on dinnerware to be used in the kitchen.

Freestyle Paper Art – 4 meetings

An open studio inviting you to give free reign to your creativity while empowering each participants’ personal choice through mutually inspired learning.

Music and Dance

The rich and diverse worlds of music and dance allow countless opportunities to engage in activities according to ones on personal preferences and mood. The residents are invited to the many activities whether the in-house choir, or singing group, or a singalong get together, or in the various instrumental music and dance groups such as the Inbalim and the Drummers. All of this abundance topped off with theatre and dance activities, results in endless joy.

The Sound of the Drum

A series of meetings on of African and Latin drumming,

rhythm instruction and counting, introduction to musical styles from West Africa and Latin America.

The Sound of the Choir

Singing has always crossed the boundaries of religion, origin, gender and of course age. The sound of the choir creates a harmony of voices, helps formulate a tight knit social group and is a central musical activity in all our various complexes.

Folk Dancing

Folk dancing, line dancing and a variety of other styles. Nothing lifts ones spirits, develops friendships and improves physical fitness, rhythm and posture, like dance.

Dances from throughout the ages

Dance all rhythms and all periods: the sixties, the wonders of the waltz and tango, disco and samba, line dances which turn into couple dances with rhythmic original choreographies from every country in the world. The spirit takes pleasure and the body rejoices…

All the Word’s a Stage

“All the world’s a stage, And all the men and women merely players; They have their exits and their entrances, And one man in his time plays many parts,” William Shakespeare, (from the book As You Like It).

Clowning and Circus

Where is my inner clown hiding? Recognizing and forming the clown’s character by retuning to childhood, improvisation, letting go, laughter and music. Learning circus techniques, including juggling and how to use objects in the unique way a clown would.

The World of Theatre

A series of workshops designed to develop and nurture acting skills

The Actor’s Tools – 12 meetings

Training the body and voice through active work with the group’s participants. Learning text learning techniques, body and voice training techniques and how to create actor-audience eye contact; creative work and experimentation in writing dialogues and monologues.

Building a Play – 12 meetings

Collecting material from international and Israeli plays, writing, adapting and adjusting the material to the character of the complex and the group of participants, with the objective of putting on a play in the summer.

Modern Theatre – 12 meetings

Terminology and techniques from the world of modern, contemporary theatre: realism, the fourth wall, experimenting with improvisation techniques and more.

Memory Development and Preservation

We all feel our memory is not what it used to be. “Where did I leave my glasses?” “What’s that actor from that movie called…” – we’re all familiar with this. The good news is that cognitive abilities can be preserved, and similarly to the preservation of various physical abilities, the preservation is carried out in a gym. A brain gym. Numerous studies prove that brain training delays memory loss processes, so the only thing left to do is to start training, and have fun while you’re at it.

Healthy Logic

Cryptic crosswords present a fascinating challenge. Every clue is a wonderful linguistic riddle just waiting to be solved. Cryptic crosswords have their own unique rules and are difficult to solve successfully and efficiently if you are not familiar with them. Here you will learn how to conquer and decipher the cryptic crossword challenge, based on written, thinking and memory development rules.

Solving Sudoku

These magical squares are just waiting for you to fill in their empty spaces. Black numbers on a white grid present a surprisingly difficult challenge. Every single square presents numerous possibilities and convoluted connections. Some researchers attribute improvement and preservation of intellectual abilities to solving Sudoku, and here too, we will learn various methods and approaches to the number challenge.

Multidisciplinary Art Center

Our art centers are available to the residents at any time, and are open 24/7. Whenever you feel the muse, you are welcome to come and express her in your art. Entrance to the art center is unrestricted and anyone can come and make work or continue a piece started earlier in any of the workshops. The easels, paints and the rest of the art supplies are ready and waiting for your ideas, so come and turn your ideas into reality.

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